Oblivion Review


Set within a bleak future, the earth has been attacked by an unknown group known as scavengers.Humanity was able to win the war,but earth was destroyed with little to nothing remaining.The film opens with Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) & Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) as a repair team designated to repair & control drones.The drones are used to protect & maintain earth from the scavengers. Following one of his routine tours of the planet, Jack discovers a ship containing a few human survivors. Due to unforeseen events he is only able to save one person, Julia (Olga Kurylenko). Julia remembers very little upon awaking from a 60 year deep sleep. Jack in the meantime recalls memories of seeing her prior to the crash, despite having his memory wiped after earth’s attack. These events lead Jack to question what really happened & what cant he remember.

If you have seen Wall-E (2008), I Am Legend (2007), The Matrix (1999) or Blade Runner (1982) then many of the themes are present here. In saying that all of these give a better representation of a dystopian future. There are positives to come from this film, mainly the cinematography which is excellent rivalling than of last year’s Prometheus. No one is bad acting wise here, just nothing is really memorable. The problems with this film are mainly the story (as mentioned above many plots lines have been done much better in other films). In the beginning you’re somewhat interested, however as the story meanders on it becomes very complex & boring, more than it should be for this kind of film.

Overall Oblivion should be watched on an Imax screen if you intend to see it. Everything else is more style over any real substance & very forgettable

2 Stars **

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