Disconnect review




Directed by Henry Alex Rubin & starring Jason Bateman,Hope Davis, Frank Grillo, Andrea Riseborough,Paula Patton,Max Thieriot & Alexander Skarsgard, the film follows three story’s all involving modern technology. In the opening credits we are introduced to Ben Boyd (Jonah Bobo) a social outcast, who begins to be the victim of cyber bulling. Following a tragic event, his parents (Bateman & Davis) try to resolve a grief within there lives. The second story focus of a couple (Skarsgard & Patton) who having recently lost there child, who become victims of identity theft. The third & final story follows a young internet sex worker (Max Thieriot) & a reporter (Andrea Riseborough) trying to tell his story.

Disconnect highlights many problems which are present within the internet, being such a large part of people life’s today.While this film is not quite perfect, its very well made, acted & informative. Everyone acting is excellent, Bateman gives the viewer a dramatic performance (rarely seen), Skargard does great work, along with Riseborough in a far better performance than in last months Oblivion. Max Richter score particularly during  emotional moments is well done, adding even more to the scenes. While each story is interesting, the story involving Riseborough & Thieriot has most of the problem within the film while being rather slow at times. The final act does leave many unanswered questions,which  are somewhat important.  

Overall Disconnect is a must see for the generation that has grown up with the internet, is well shot, has excellent acting & an interesting plot. While slow at times & leaves unanswered questions.

4 Stars       


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