Fast & Furious Six Review



Also known as Fast Six or (as it appears in the opening credits) Furious Six, it is the 6th film in the series & third directed by Justin Lin. The film begins following the events of Fast Five, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) & his crew have gone into hiding with the money they obtained from the Rio heist. Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) a DSS officer (who tracked Toretto & his team in the previous film) is now dealing with another team of international criminals, led by Owen Shaw (Luke Evans). Shortly into the film Hobbs wants Toretto & his crew to help him capture Shaw & his team. Toretto is not keen, until Hobbs shows him a photo of Toretto,s ex girlfriend (believed dead) Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) this along with agreed clean records, the two join forces to stop Owen Shaw & company.


If you have ever seen any of the previous films in the series, you know that the story is not the selling point. its all about fast cars, stunts, attractive people & street racing. So i am reviewing this based on the type of film it is (not an Oscar contender or award winner). The film is a very fun time & enjoyable. The stunts & action scenes while very unbelievable are very well done particularly the chase sequence in London & the action taking place in the London underground. The dialog for what it is is done well & there are even some very funny moments (mostly between Tyrese & Ludacris). Dwayne Johnson,s addition here & in Fast Five(2011) is very welcome. He is even better here as he has some witty lines of his own. The opening recalls the events of the first five films within a short time period, bringing the audience up to speed on the story. Luke Evens as the villain is good, but his character is wasted towards the ending (because his brother must take revenge) (stay until the closing credits). The biggest problem with the film is it spends a lot of time telling the story of Toretto & Letty. While i understand there are events which should be included, but at times its just dull & to much.This is when story should be replaced with more action.

Overall Fast & Furious Six is a very fun action filled summer blockbuster, great action, good cast & some entertaining dialog.

4 Stars


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