Now You See Me Review


Directed by Louis Leterrier (Incredible Hulk) (2008) & (Clash Of The Titans) (2010), Now You See Me is best described as a heist movie with magicians. The story begins with in introduction of four street magicians ( Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco & Woody Harrelson) while they are all somewhat successful, they are each given a card to meet at a apartment within New York City. The story then cuts to the four now working in Las Vegas, under the group title The Four Horsemen. During there act, they select a audience member from the crowd, who is told will be transported though space & time to a bank in Paris to rob. These events take place leading to money falling from the area ceiling. Thus this brings FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) into the plot, arresting the Horsemen on robbery charges. Upon finding not evidence to hold them, he is forced to let them go, however a string of similar events begin to take place causing Rhodes & his team to track the Horsemen across the country.

Along with the talented cast mentioned above, the film also has supporting roles from Micheal Caine & Morgan Freeman. In saying this, the cast along with the magic elements are the best parts of this films overly complex story & slow delivery.As stated the pros are the Magic scenes along with the interest in seeing how the trick was preformed. The story while centered around the Four Horsemen,actually spends as much time on Rhodes & his teams story. Thus if you where looking for a heavy magic themed film, you would be disappointed. In addition at times the films just not interesting & the story is so overly complex-ed than it needs to be. The cast  is likable but not irreplaceable & most others could take there place & provide the same quality.

Overall Now You See Me is entertaining at times, but is rather forgettable, contains a unnecessary complex script & lacks anything special

2 Stars


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