World War Z (3D) Review


World War Z, is a zombie based horror film, based upon the book of the same name. The story focuses on Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), a former UN worker, now living in Philadelphia with his family. While sitting in traffic, panic breaks out on the streets, as the first shown attack from the zombie,s begin. Gerry & his family travel to New Jersey, finding the same results. Shortly after this they are taken to a United States battleship, where Gerry is told that the zombie virus has spread across the entire planet. Due to Gerry,s prior job with the UN, he is told along with a team to discover where the virus came from & finding a cure. Along with his team he travels to Korea, Jerusalem & Cardiff trying to find the origin. 


Prior to the films release, there had been a few problems with production, including some re shoots along with the release date being moved back. Did these factors play a role in the final product?, i don’t believe so. The films story line gives the audience, more than more zombie films as it shows certain parts of the world effected, rather than one locution. In saying this, the film is only in 4 main locutions & along with many other points could use a second part, to expand on the story’s depth. The acting is fine, but most characters are very under developed. Brad Pitt in the leading role, is really the only well known face of the screen & being the only character with a developed story. After witnessing the trailer, the zombies looked very GCI. In parts they are however some times they look very realistic. Primarily a horror film, it has a few jump scares, but because of the PG-13 rating its very light of the gore & scares. The final scene is very underwhelming (if there is only going to be one film) . Seeing this in 3D, it added nothing to my experience & appear to be the classic case of being a cash grab. 

Overall World War Z has a deeper story than more zombie flicks, some good scares & action. Despite this its underwhelming at times & characters are not developed well. 

3 Stars 


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