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V/H/S Review

Shot in the found footage style, the story begins with a group of thugs assigned to steel an old VHS tape from a house for an undisclosed reason. While searching for the tape, they discover a collection of five other VHS tapes each one shot in the same found footage style. Each tape titled Amateur Night, Second Honeymoon, Tuesday the 17th, The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger and 10/31/98 has nothing in common with the others, but delivers a new form of horror to the viewer.       

V/H/S because of its nature is not going to be enjoyed by everyone because of the found footage style of filmmaking and the horror element present. Billed as one of the scariest movies in recent memory, this is not the case, however at times it is violence, contains blood and gory moments. The first story is the most violence and involves a demon, while being the most unique story. The second is most like a home movie involving a young couple. The third is the worst of the story’s as it’s very similar to Friday The 13th, but does involve a different kind of killer. The fourth involves the use of something similar to Skype, incorporating technology into the classic horror genre, while leaving you with unanswered questions and wanting more.  The final story is a haunted house tale but involves horror elements so often used, a sacrifice, the creepy children/dolls and a possessed girl.

Overall V/H/S is not as terrifying as it was billed, but like this The Cabin in Woods earlier this year, gives a fresh take on the horror genre and provides a new experience for the viewer

4 Stars (4/5)      


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