Monsters University (3D) Review



The long anticipated prequel to Monsters Inc (2002) follows Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) & Sulley (John Goodman) meeting at university & becoming scare partners. The film opens with a young Mike, taking a school trip to Monsters Inc & discovering that he wants to become a scarier. To make he dream a reality he attends Monsters University, where he meets future friends & rivals (including Sully & Randell). In the beginning Sulley & Mike complete to become the best scarier in the class. Sulley is very popular (given his family name) & feels he does not need to study books to be a scarier. Mike is the complete opposite, always reading while not being very popular. Though a series of events the two are brought together in fraternity along with a group of misfits to complete in the Scare Games. The group must put aside there differences & defeat the other fraternity’s to become Scare Game champions.

Disney & Pixar studios have a long history of excellent films (Toy Story 1,2,3 , Ratatouille & Wall-E) to name a few. Despite this, the last few Disney/Pixar films have failed to impress (Brave & Cars 2). How does M.U fair ? the answer is it may not match the classics, however it is still a very fun & enjoyable film. The plot is not the most original, despite this it has its heartfelt moments. Upon Mike,s arriving at Monsters U, he is met with the typical University experience. Meeting Sully for the first time, he is very different person from who we grew to know in Monsters Inc. He is very self centered & believing he can do not wrong. Despite being the story of Mike & Sully meeting & becoming friends, the supporting characters all have there moments to shine. There is no character that is unnecessarily showcased to a major level. Along with the film there is a very charming Disney/Pixar short (The Blue Umbrella) before the film begins, featuring excellent storytelling & animation. 

Overall Monsters University is not on the level of the Disney/Pixar classic, however it is still very enjoyable & never has a dull moment.

4 Stars



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