Pacific Rim (3D) Review


Directed by Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy 1 & 2, Blade II) & set in the near future (year 2020), the story follows an alien race (The Kaiju) battling giant human robots (Jaegers). In the year 2013, an race known as the Kaiju comes up from the earths core & begin to attack earths major city’s. Shorty after this the human race creates giant robots known as Jaegers to save the planet. Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) an operator of one of the Jaegers, along with his brother are sent into battle against a Kaiju in Alaska. Following a traumatic event, Raleigh leaves the program & begins working in the construction industry. Five years later Stacker Pentecos (Idris Elba) the commander of the Jaeger program, is told by the government to shut down the program. Stacker finds Raleigh & convinces him to return to the program to control one of the final four Jaeper,s to complete one final attempt to destroy all the Kaiju.

Within the story, there are many different elements & characters, however the basic story is an alien race battling giant robots controlled by humans (which is heavily promoted in the trailers & TV spots). While not as action packed as the promotion material billed, the action along with the effects are the best part of the film. If you want to see some big battles & great visuals, then this is for you. The story-line however is very predictable, bland & plays a bigger role than expected. Hunnam as the protagonist is fine (but like most of the lead characters) you can predict, all most everything that’s going to happen to them, point by point. Charlie Day (Horrible Bosses) & Burn Gorman (The Dark Knight Rises) portray scientists who are experts on the Kaiju race. I enjoyed both there previous films, both are very miscast here & are rather annoying every time there on screen.

Overall Pacific Rim has excellent visual effects,along with good (not as many as hoped) fight sequences. While having a very predictable story & par acting/casting.

3 Stars



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