The Conjuring Review



Directed by James Wann (Saw, Insidious), The Conjuring tells the story of the two family’s who become involved in some very strange events. The film begins with a group of people recounting events of a possessed doll to a group of paranormal investigators, the Warrens. The Warrens (Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga) investigate any paranormal activities reported within New England area. While we are being introduced to The Warrens, we meet the Perron family, who move into an old farmhouse in Rhode Island in 1971. Shorty after the family moves in, strange events begin to happen. These include strange noises, hearing voices & seeing images. The Perron family asks the Warrens to investigate there events to help remove whatever is happening to there family. The Warrens soon discover there is far more to these events, than just a simple explanation.        

This film had a lot of positive hype going into it after great response from Wondercon & the MPAA rating the film R, due to being very scary. Sadly with high expectations, they often fall short this film suffers from this in the scare department. Much of the blame could fall on the promotion aspect, due to many of the scares being shown with trailers or TV spots. The elements of a good horror film is to have surprise to shock the audience. Along with this certain characters (mainly a cop brought in to help with the investigation) are really of-putting, along with certain music which takes you out of the realistic tone the film possess. Having said that the acting & the production design are excellent, along with being shot very well. All aspects of the film look like there have come out of the 70s (time period intended), the film maintains an sinister, while realistic tone almost thought out as if you where watching the real events of that time period. The films plot is not very original, but given the nature of this type of film you don’t expect huge plot shocker.

Overall The Conjuring has great acting, production design & is shot well with a constant sinister tone. Scares are few with bad promotion being the main problem & high expectations

4 Stars


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