This Is The End Review




From the mind of Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg & based upon the short film “Jay and Seth versus the Apocalypse” comes This Is The End. The film follows many different celebrity’s portraying themselves in an over the top style. The films begins with Jay Baruchel arriving in Los Angeles to spend time with his friend Seth Rogen. Shorty after arriving, the pair attend a celebrity party hosted by James Franco. Everyone is having a great time, until what appears to be the apocalypse hits LA. Along with Baruchel, Rogen & Franco, Johah Hill, Craig Robinson & Danny Mcbride band together to survivor the believed apocalypse. 

The story within this film is not very rich, however it is not suppose to be the major focal point. The focal point is putting a large comedic cast together playing over the top versions of themselves. Examples of this are James Franco really loves all forms of art, Johah Hill is really friendly & Seth Rogen is a drug addict. If you remove all the effects within the film, it is basically a 100 minutes skit of each actor making fun of each other. So going in, i was hoping to be laughing a lot, unfortunately it just does not live up to the hype. Dont get me wrong there are some very funny moments, just not as many as i expected. Danny Mcbride provides many of the funny moments (most memorably an discussion with James Franco on one of the rationed items). Many of the humor used is not for everyone ( there are many crude references). If you are aware of how the main stars are portrayed in the real life media & have knowledge of films which they appeared in,some of the jokes deliver much more.

Overall This Is The End has some very funny moments, yet some jokes just fall flat. 

3 Stars


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