V/H/S 2 Review



V/H/S 2 is a found footage horror film & the sequel to V/H/S (2012). The plot follows two investigators who are looking for a missing student. They discover a house with a large collection of video tapes. One of the investigators begins to watch some of the tapes to try to discover any clues. They soon the tapes each have a sinister viewing experience. The first tape titled Phase 1 Clinical Trials, follows a man with a camera in his eye, who begins to see ghosts in his house. The second tape titled A Ride In The Park, tells the tale of a man biking in a park who is turned into a zombie. The third tape titled Safe Haven, shows a camera crew filming a Indonesian cult trying to find out answers to there questions. The final tape titled Slumber Party Alien Abduction, it follows a group of young kids who experience some paranormal activity.


Being a foot footage & horror film this is not going to be a film for everyone, in saying that it is a good change from the typical horror film style. Like the first V/H/S, being split into many short story’s, there are going to be stronger story’s & weaker story’s. V/H/S 2 is very much in this vein. The overall story along with the first two tapes are fine, the overall story is basically the same as the first V/H/S, however i don’t blame the film for this as there is not much else you can do. The first tape, while interesting is nothing memorably. The second despite being convincing zombie effects is more funny than scary (Zombieland style). Safe Haven is the best tape of them, its intriguing, very violence & very bloody. At times it is hard to watch,while incorporating the found footage style very well. The final tape in contrast, is the worst of all. The people featured are all unlikable & the camera work is not good (lots of shaky cam). The final segment ends better than the original with a unexpected ending.

Overall V/H/S 2 has one excellent short, three average & one terrible. While still being a welcome change to the horror movie genre, it does not quite meet the standards on the first V/H/S.

3 Stars



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