Despicable Me 2 (3D) review



 As the name suggests Despicable Me 2 is the sequel to 2010,s Despicable Me. The film follows Gru (Voiced by Steve Carell) now no longer a villain, who is focusing on being a great dad to his three adopted daughters. Following the disappearance on a top secret work site in Alaska, Lucy Wilde (Voiced by Kristen Wiig) an agent of the Anti-Villain League, kidnaps Gru to inform him of the situation.  Gru is reluctant to help, until he changes his mind. He is teamed with Lucy to uncover what happened to work site, along with the disappearance of a dangerous chemical called PX-41. While working within a mall, they meet El Macho (now known as Eduardo) (Voiced by Benjamin Bratt) a former super villain turned restaurateur, or so it appears. Along with a wealth of Gru,s Minions helping out.


If you are looking for a comparison between animated films this summer, a fair comparison could be made between this & Monsters University. As both are sequels/prequels of the original stories. Grading on the scale that you’re only going to see one of these, choose M.U. However Despicable Me 2 is not terrible & does have its funny & entertaining points. The pros coming out are that the funny moments (while mostly very silly) are still entertaining, mostly moments from the Minions. The story is fine, but very much like characters & interest levels it’s forgettable. Other than the lead voices, the other cast members could have been voiced by any voice actor & would make no difference. While I am sure entertaining for young children, it’s not like other animated films which have substance for everyone (eg The Lion King).  In regards to the 3D, I saw it in 2D however it is quite clear what would have been 3D effects if you pay the extra $2.00.


Overall Despicable Me 2 does have funny moments, but is very bland & forgettable.     


2 Stars



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