Fruitvale Station Review




 Fruitvale Station is based upon the murder of Oscar Grant, who was shot & killed by the B.A.R.T police department on New Year’s Day 2009. The film follows Oscar Grant (Michael B Jordan) though all the events that took place on the last day of his life in Oakland California. Oscar is seen living with his girlfriend Sophina (Melonie Diaz) & his young daughter. Oscar is a drug dealer by trade to provide for his family upon losing his job. Yet across the events portrayed we see him trying to become a better person for the good of his family, including his mother (Octavia Spencer).


The film does not have a very detailed plot, as mentioned it only covers all the events in the last day of Oscar’s life. Yet this film is an excellent example of how you can make an excellent film without a complex story. The first two thirds of the film are very ordinary life events, we see Oscar shopping for groceries, playing with his daughter & recounting his criminal past. Yet that’s the talent of the actors cast, especially Michael B Jordan as Oscar. He is so believable in the role. The best way i could describe this is if you followed the real life events every step of the way with a HD camera. In that regard to film is shot very well almost in a found footage style, yet keeping cinematic quality. Jordan is the stand out here, but everyone else particular Octavia Spencer is also very believable. The dialog is all entertaining; it felt very real as opposed to actors reading a script. The final act of the film builds the tension, along with the score to signify something bad is about to happen. When it does happen you really feel for everyone involved & why did these events happen.


Overall Fruitvale Station has amazing acting from Michael B Jordan, a very well delivered story (of a sad true event), is shot very well & has you on the edge of your seat.




5 Stars





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