The To Do List Review




Directed by Maggie Carey & featuring a large talented cast, The To Do List is a coming of age comedy. The film follows Brandi Klark (Audrey Plaza) a straight A student at everything she does, graduating high school. Before departing to college, she decides she wants to become more sexual experienced to fit in at college. To achieve this, she creates a To Do List of everything she wants to undergo sexual. While going about crossing everything off, she works at a water park for her boss Willy (Bill Hader) & with the object of her affection Rusty Waters (Scott Porter). The film also features Rachael Bilson as Brandi,s older sister, Alia Shawkat as her friend & Connie Britton & Clark Greg as her parents.  


The film is set in 1993 & contains many throwbacks to what time was like 20 years ago. It is a pleasant change to see a lower budget films being expanded to a wider audience. As mentioned above the film has a strong cast for something which was not that expensive to make. That cast is the strongest part of the film. Audrey Plaza in the leading role is good but at times is hard to believe as a high school graduate. Clark Greg & Rachel Bilson as Brandi,s Dad & sister are the most entertaining roles on screen. Greg has some of the funniest moments, while Bilson & Plaza,s dialog is always entertaining yet believable. Despite being a comedy, however (expect for a few moments) it’s not that funny. It’s certainly does not hold back on the sexual content (without having nudity) yet it’s more hard to watch at times than comedic. The length of the film does drag somewhat & could have been cut down to 90 minutes.


Overall The To Do List pulls no punches when it comes to sexual content & has some entertaining performances. Yet being billed as a comedy, it lacking laugh out loud moments & could have been shorted.


3 Stars




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