2 Guns Review



2 Guns is directed by Baltasar Kormákur (Contraband) & stars Denzel Washington & Mark Wahlberg. The film follows two government agents Booby Trench (Denzel Washington) & Stig Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) working undercover to job a bank. They each double cross each other hoping to deliver the money they stole to their bosses. Stigman successfully captures the money, but when delivering it to his captain (James Marsden) he is almost killed. While this is going on Earl (Bill Paxton) & Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos) is also after the money, they use Booby to secure the money for them.  Booby & Stigman are forced to team up again to recapture the money.


The directors prior films have not been great by any means, is 2 Guns his turn around film? No. This is a classic case of being a mindless stupid action movie. The two leads are the best part of the entire film, as they are both entertaining likable people. Washington is good, yet this is very common in his latest films (Safe House, Flight & Unstoppable) good acting, bad films. The story is so dull & containing so many holes, the villains are ether stereotypical, underdeveloped or like they came out of a cartoon. There are some good action scenes, yet they have not substance or reason.   


Overall 2 Guns is a mindless action film with the only saving grace being the likable leads.


2 Stars




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