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Ain,t Them Bodies Saints Review

  Directed by David Lowery, the film takes place in rural Texas when we are introduced to a young couple Bob Muldoon (Casey Affleck) & Ruth Guthrie (Rooney Mara). The two are in love & will do anything for each other. The two … Continue reading

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Elysium Review

  Set in the year 2154, the earth has become overpopulated, disease heavy & the 1% of the world has moved to a space station known as Elysium. On Elysium, there is no disease, no crime & everyone lives a … Continue reading

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The World’s End Review

What does Shaun Of The Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007) & The World’s End (this review) all have in common?. They are all part of director Edger Wright,s Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. The film opens with Gary King (Simon Pegg) … Continue reading

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You’r Next Review

  You’r Next is a horror/slasher/home invasion film, directed by Adam Wingard. The story follows a family coming together to celebrate, their parents wedding anniversary. However shortly upon arrival a group of masked men (using animal masks & weapons) begin … Continue reading

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