The World’s End Review


What does Shaun Of The Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007) & The World’s End (this review) all have in common?. They are all part of director Edger Wright,s Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. The film opens with Gary King (Simon Pegg) recounting the best moments in his life at an AA meeting. This entails him & four friends failing to drink twelve pints of beer at twelve pubs in one night, known as The Golden Mile while in high school. Fast forward twenty years, Gary feeling that his life means nothing wants to bring all his friends together again to conquer The Golden Mile. With a little bit of convincing his former friends Peter Page (Eddie Marsan), Oliver “O-Man” Chamberlain (Martin Freeman), Steven Prince (Paddy Considine) & Andy Knightley (Nick Frost) all agree to go with Gary. Upon arrival they soon discover the town where they grew up, is not the same any more. As what appears to be a alien race has taken control. Gary & company try to complete The Golden Mile, while escaping unharmed.

If you enjoy Edger Wrights prior films along with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & this type of british comedy, you should enjoy this. While the weakest in the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, its certainly not bad. There is never a dull moment to be had,laughs, action & charm all present. Simon Pegg is excellent as always, making an unlikeable character interesting & entertaining to watch (similar in the way the main cast in Pain & Gain was shown). His chemistry & dialog (along with the other four leads) carries the film. The characters take more of a back seat when the aliens become more of a factor, yet this is not much of a step down in regards to entertainment. The biggest problem i had was the story, as it was very similar to Shawn Of The Dead in many ways. A man feels unachieved with his life and following an again from the undead/aliens he must join with his friends to save the world.  

Overall The World’s End maintains Wright, Pegg & Frost as huge talents & that they can make very entertaining films. Yet it does not live up to the high standards of their previous work.

4 Stars


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