You’r Next Review



You’r Next is a horror/slasher/home invasion film, directed by Adam Wingard. The story follows a family coming together to celebrate, their parents wedding anniversary. However shortly upon arrival a group of masked men (using animal masks & weapons) begin to attack everyone with the intend to kill. The remaining family members look to survive with the leadership of Erin ( Sharni Vinson) the girlfriend of one of the sons of the major couple.


This film has a very simple plot (which is why it takes little time to explain). By saying this along with the genre it’s nothing groundbreaking. The opening shot features an unnamed couple being killed by the masked men, while a song plays (which becomes frequently used) . All the characters with the exception of Erin are very thinly written and badly acted. As the body count begins to grow, its as suspended : a very generic horror movie. Yet for what is being presented there are some very nasty kills along with some tense moments. As it enters the second act & it is revealed why these masked men are killing the family it loses much of its interest. The score is suspenseful prior but then turns into more like trance music, it seems really out of place. The camera work is generally good, with the glaring exception of the opening attack. It is a very bad mix of fast editing along with shaky cam.

Overall You’re Next is a very average horror movie with some intense kills & poor characters/story.

3 Stars


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