Filth Review


From the mind of writer Irvine Welsh (writer of Transpotting) comes Scottish film Filth. Bruce Robertson ( James McAvoy) is a highly ranked police detective who is very corrupted, yet gets the job done. Bruce often partakes in Drugs, Sex & Alcohol steaming from problems in his life prior, along with stress trying to gain a promotion. He is tasked with solving the murder of a Japanese student along with trying to get the leg up of his fellow officers/contenders Amanda Drummond (Imogen Poots) , Ray Lennox (Jamie Bell) Bladesey (Eddie Marsan) & Peter Inglis (Emun Elliott)

Filth as the name suggests is Filthy filled with strong language, sex, drugs & violence, will a well deserved R/18 rating. The film contains many different themes such as Black comedy, psychological thriller & drama. From the opening act you are not liking the character of Bruce, yet as the film plays out  you recognize that he is a damaged soul whose trying to make his life better. A high strength displayed is a scene could be darkly funny yet switches to dramatic or showing Bruce breaking down. This allows emotions to switch out quickly. Set in Edinburgh, Scotland it shows the city is kind of joke, yet very true to life (Most notable in the introduction of Bruce). The Soundtrack by Clint Mansell (Requiem For A Dream) is well placed for the most part & adds a lot to dramatic moments. The acting by McAvoy is excellent as the lead & is very different to any other characters he has played before. Problems lie in certain characters not being developed more than bare bones & certain story lines not fully explored.

Overall Filth is a strange enjoyable mix of black humor,Sex,violence,drama & psychological thriller. Yet not for the faint hearted or easily upset

4/5 Stars


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