Insidious : Chapter Two review


Hence the name Insidious : Chapter Two is the sequel to James Wan,s Insidious (2011). The film opens with a young Josh (Patrick Wilson) in 1986 as he first comes in contact with Demons in the Further. Cut to present day, the story picks up straight after the events of the first movie. Josh his wife Renee (Rose Byrne) & there children are now staying in there Josh,s Mom (Barbara Hershey) house. They believe there are safe, yet strange things begin to happen within the house. Both Renee & Josh,s Mom see a women in a white dress walking the house hallways. Both try to discover whats haunting the family, meanwhile Josh begins to act strangely as if someone or something is trying to inhabit him.

Directed by James Wan & produced by BlumHouse Productions the film shares similar motifs from there prior work (Insidious, Sinister, The Conjuring). Like the first Insidious the film has its strengths & weaknesses. The first 20-30 is a good reintroduction to the story, yet is quite slow. Certain aspects of proposed humor just don’t work within this Paranormal story. Unlike the first film where the first half is the best part & second is very bland. The last hour is suspenseful, interesting & at times provides good jump scares. The acting by Patrick Wilson & Rose Byrne is well done. There is a scene very similar to the `Here,s Johnny` sequences from The Shinning, which is well delivered. The scares for the most part make you jump & are well done. James Wan along with the produces do a good job with this type of creepy paranormal horror genre. The ending screams out Insidious :Chapter Three yet if they keep the currant themes present, there could be lots of life in this series.

Overall Insidious : Chapter Two has unnecessary comedy, some dull moments. Yet has good acting, interesting plot & some great jump scares/creepy moments.                         


3/5 Stars 


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