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Set within Suburban Pennsylvanian, Prisoners tells the story of two family’s The Dovers : Keller (Hugh Jackman) his wife – Grace (Maria Bello) there children & The Birches : Franklin (Terrence Howard) his wife – Nancy (Viola Davis) & there children. Who come together to celebrate thanksgiving diner. During there events the two family’s youngest daughters are abducted by an unknown group or person after playing on an RV. Following a search of the area, the police are called ; where Detective Loki ( Jake Gyllenhaal) is assigned to the case. The RV is found & the police discover Alex Jones ( Paul Dano) living inside. The police are not able to find proof that Alex abducted the children. This leads to Keller taking the matter into his own hands to find his daughter.

Prior the giving my thoughts, I will say that the theme of this film is not going to be for everyone, due to the heavy child abduction story/theme throughout. If this is not a problem for you, this is a MUST see film. There are so many positives to be had here. The main positive is how well these events (that could play out easily in the real life) are put on film. Following close behind is the Incredible acting from the main cast, particularly Jackman & Gyllenhaal. Both Jackman & Gyllenhaal are spectacular in the leading roles. You feel all the pain than Jackman,s character is going though, from the frustration of the lack of police results to the pain of losing his daughter. Gyllenhaal pulls of a very believable detective , displaying how passionate his character Loki is about his career. The script is extremely well written, keeping you on the edge of your seat while never predictable. The cinematography by Roger Deakins (Skyfall) & score by Jóhann Jóhannsson are also excellent. Small problems are than certain plot points (involving Mazes) are not truly explored: ; along with an ending which leaving it up to audience interpretation.    


Overall Prisoners has Amazing acting all round (particular from Jackman & Gyllenhaal) excellent cinematography, music & a story which feels so real.

5/5 Stars


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