Captain Phillips Review


Captain Phillips stars Tom Hanks & Barkhad Abdi, which tells the real life events of Captain Richard Phillips attack by Somail Pirates. Phillips (Hanks) like begins like any other day (Leaving his family in Vermont) to his job as the Captain of a cargo ship traveling from Oman to Monbasa. It appears to be calm sailing for Phillips & crew, until a band of Somail Pirates, led by Muse (Barkhad Abdi) attack the ship with the intend to hold the crew to ransom for money. Events transpire than lead to the Pirates leaving the ship while holding Phillips hostage until they get there money. This results in a stand of between to United States Navy & The Pirates to save Phillips life.

When the first trailer was released, I had my doubts about (because everything looked to have been covered in 2 & a half minutes) yet this is far from the case. Despite certain times when director Paul Greengrass uses shakey cam, he creates amazing tension & drama throughout these events. Similar to this years Fruitvale Station, the film is so realistic it looks like the real life events playing out. Tom Hanks is the lead role provides an excellent performance (especially when events lead to his character into shock). Dialog throughout is believable and real, from tension building to normal discussions. Barkhad Abdi portrays a very convincing lead pirate, leading the audience to feel compassion to him at times. As mentioned above the events portrayed could have been dragged out unnecessary for a 2 hour 15 minute film, yet there is never a dull moment or time your looking at the time.

Overall Captain Phillips has excellent acting from Hanks & Abdi, amazing tension & drama build while never having a dull moment across the 135 minute run time.

5 Stars


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