Jackass Presents : Bad Grandpa Review





Set around the Jackass character of Irving Zisman (Protrayed by Johnny Knoxville) an 86 year old who participates in crude & bad behavior. The lose story follows Zisman (after his wife has died ) becoming responsible for taking his grandson from Nebraska to North Carolina to be with his father, following his mother arrest. While traveling zaniness begins.

The plot line is so simple, as it requires no more than the four lines above to explain fully. The main purpose of this film, similar to Borat (2006) is the comedic situations Zisman & his grandson get into. Disappointingly while there are funny moments, all the best parts are included within the trailer. Most moments that are not within the trailer are ether not funny or just crudely unpleasant to view. Most knowable a scene in a male strip club. The editing here is all over the place as well as Charlotte, NC is featured quite heavily, yet there never meant to be there on there road trip. Best advise for this film is enjoy the two minute free trailer & save your money.        

Overall Bad Grandpa is funny only for the clips included in a free trailer & any other humor is lacking.

2/5 Stars


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