Gravity (IMAX 3D) Review



From director Alfonso Cuaron  (Prior work Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban & Children Of Men) comes Gravity. The film opens with the introduction of Doctor Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) & Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) as two astronauts working on a Space Shuttle high above the earth. Everything seems routine, until the ship there attending to is hit with space debris leading to a loss of contact between the two. As they try to find each other within the abyss of space : events take place which causes major problems forcing them to return to earth anyway they can.


If there is a weak point in Gravity, its the script as its quite a simple story. Yet not all story’s have to contain layers upon layers of facts and information, as this proves. This film is simply put an experience NEVER before seen in a movie theater.Despite a limited cast & locution (much like Open Water (2004) & Buried (2009) ) there is never a moment your wondering Whats the Time ?. I have no idea as to how Alfonso Cuaron filmed this,it looks so real as if you are in real life space. Cuaron has created a film which is best described : part incredible space documentary part thrill ride simulator. The cinematography is pardon the pun out of this world and so immersive throughout. Cuaron uses many different camera shots ranging from wide shots of space to point of view : all edited together wonderfully. When I first saw trailers for this film, I feared that the two major stars (Bullock & Clooney) would stand out as actors & bigger than the film. This is thankfully not the case as you can believe both are very believable astronauts at different stages of there career. The score by Steven Price is incredible as it is placed in all the right places & adds so much to every scene its present in. As there is no sound in space, you may ask why is there a score at all ?. The truth is the score is there when needed perfectly, along with complete silence in some scenes (Including the attack on the space shuttle). I’m not a fan of 3D, yet this is a rare case of a film which IMAX 3D makes an incredible film even better.    

Overall Gravity has Out of this world visuals(Pun Intended) amazing music,great acting,tension throughout & A MUST SEE experience in the theater. 

5/5 Stars



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  3. tonyalehman says:

    I wondered if those two actors could play astronauts, but you are right, they are believable!

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