The Counselor Review



Directed by Ridley Scott ( Alien, Gladiator & Prometheus) & a screenplay written by Cormac McCarthy (No Country For Old Men). The story follows a man simply referenced to as Counselor (Micheal Fassbender) as a lawyer in south Texas, who becomes involved in the drug trade. Along with Reiner (Javier Bardem) (a entrepreneur & drug kingpin) he takes part in a drug transfer from Mexico to Chicago, to achieve this Counselor works with middle man Westray (Brad Pitt). While these events are taking place, Counselor has proposed to his girlfriend Laura ( Penelope Cruz) looking for a normal life with her. Also in the mix is Malkina ( Camaron Diaz) girlfriend of Reiner & someone who has her own agenda trying to get on top.


Given the strength of the directors prior work alongside the excellent cast you would expect an excellent film. Sadly this is not the case, the biggest problem being McCarthy s screenplay. To put it bluntly its a rather boring film. The dialog spoken throughout by all the characters is just not interesting to hear, especially considering this is the biggest part of the entire film. The other parts consist of 3 violence scenes, involving a wire, a motorcyclist, a truck & a collar. These are fine, expect the scene with the collar looks like it came out of a Saw Movie. There is also a scene involving Malkina & a yellow Ferrari which is bizarre & seems rather unnecessary. The story & characters suffer heavily due to being over-complex or not knowing much about anyone to care a great deal. Despite the terrible writing, all the actors are good at what there given, along with Scot’s directing giving the films a grand look.

Overall The Counselor is well acted & look good, yet has a terrible screenplay, uninteresting dialog & an over-complex story                

2/5 Stars



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